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_Waves at Halibut point.jpg

"Waves at Halibut Point", Acrylic

_Rocky Coast.jpg

""Rocky Coast", Watercolor

_Wingaersheek Sunset.jpg

"Wingaersheek Sunset", Acrylic


"Popham Beach Stroll", Acrylic on Canvas

_Rocks and Misty Spray.jpg

"Misty Spray", Watercolor

_Coastal Waterfalls_edited.jpg

"Coastal Waterfall", Acrylic on Board

_Afternoon at the Beach_edited.jpg

"Afternoon at the Beach", Acrylic on Canvas

_Afternoon, Popham Beach_edited.jpg

"Afternoon, Popham Beach", Acrylic on Canvas

_Rocks and Surf_edited.jpg

"Rocks and Surf", Acrylic on Canvas

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